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Timz Space: June 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006


hey guyz...short update(sorry)
first, i went to garden valley, tx to train and get to know my team...they´re amazing.
left for panama on thursday(?)...stayed in the senior pastors house, then left three days later for La (saturday, 24th)...freeday in panama city...
met some really cool people in La Paz (means the peace)
sorry for the quickness...gotta go...
i´m having a blast and it´s soooooo cool here...i, not cool...but you get the point.gotta go now...keep me in your prayers.
Tim? out.
p.s the keyboards here are really hard to type with
bye now

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Panama...Here I Come!

ok, guys...i know it's been an extremely LONG time since i've updated...sorry about that...
i'm updating now, because i (think i) owe it to you guys...especially because my flight to Dallas, Texas leaves in about 10 hours (my first couple of days are spent in Texas for training)...and that means i won't be able to update (or see you guys at all, for that matter) for the whole summer :(
i just want you all to know that i'll miss you guys immensely...mucho a lotto...
i'll update as much as i can (if possible)...if i can't, just talk to my parents...they should be able to tell you what's going on.
so, right now, i'd like to thank everybody who helped me out...whether with their prayers, donations, or just simple encouraging conversations and advice...i'm not going to list everyone, for fear of leaving someone out on accident...but if you supported me in any of these ways, my thanks...mucho a lotto...and i'm thanking God for giving me this awesome opportunity to serve others and grow in my walk with Him. don't really know what to say...i'm gonna miss you guys this summer.
just...have fun...and keep me in your thoughts and prayers...
luv ya'll, and see ya at the end of the summer!
Tim? out.
p.s my flight leaves in 9 and a half hours
...and...if i die in panama, hayden gets all my...