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Timz Space: February 2006

Monday, February 27, 2006

my new update!!!

hey, guys, not much time to update, but I can try.

So, ATF was awesome! The bands were so cool...Pillar was disapointing, but hey...Crossmovement was ok...Superchick was different, but not that bad...Jeremy Camp was definately the BEST, though. I think they turned the volume down on everybody but him, and turned his up, just to accent him...but hey, I'm lovin' it...or I should say, "I was lovin' it." heck yes

surprisingly enough, ever since ATF has been over, I've been hearing about statistics for our generation...all this stuff about the end of the world, global warming, then the bible-bleieving christianity stats...all that stuff and more...
So I think God's tryin' to tell me to hurry and win some people...quick-like...
well, gotta go now.
See ya Wed.
oh, I think you guys can still practice w/out me and cody, we'll just be a little late...hopefully we can still play, though. (if that made any sense)
now I really do gotta go.
Tim? out.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What?! a new post?!

Hey, what is up all you people out there?...sorry I haven't updated in a long while...busy busy a bee...hehehe.
yeah...the only reason i can update right now is because I'm stuck at home with a flat tire...I would be at school right now, but David got sick again and I had to take him home...flat tire on the way...stuck at home waiting for dad to bring a jack...I was getting ready to change the tire by my self, but when I got looking for a jack, there was none! Can you believe that? I mean, come on, jon, where's your head at? ...leaving me in a situation like that...I mean, a situation like "this"...thanks a lot...
well...ATF Friday!...can't wait...gonna miss another basketball game (:-)> (good news)
Jon, Jc and my solo are all tomorrow in Highland...I have to get a one so I can play at state with my grandma...Jon and Jc are gonna tear it up the way the Griffith percussionists, tear, stuff like get the idea.
I don't think we'll be at y.g tomorrow, but hey...ya'll already knew subject... ...?...what to talk (type) about?
who knows?
Well, I'll talk to you all later...definately friday.
Tim? out.
oh, yeah...Ali and Aley, I corrected all of my spelling/ebonics/all that stuff...just for I get rights to correct your, no complaining, ok?
peace out.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feliz Dia de San Valentin!

Since it's Valentine's Day, Mrs. Swabb gave us a lot of v-day stuff in Spanish...and I've noticed that everybody's blog that I've checked has updated on something to do with v-day. I guess I can jump on the band wagon.
here's a bunch of spanish lovy dovy mushy stuff.

Feliz Dia de los enamorados - happy Valentine's Day
Mmi corazon - my heart
Te quiero/Te amo - I love you
Estoy enamorado de ti - I am i love with you
Te adoro - I adore you
Sin ti no puedo vivier - I can't live without you
Eres mi amor - you are my love
Mi corazon llora para ti - My heart cries for you
Besame - Kiss me
Abrazame - Hhug me
Besos y abrazos - kisses and hugs
Estoy encantado de ti - I am in love with you
Wuiero un beso - I want a kiss
No pueso existir sin ti - I can not exist without you
Te deseo - I desire you
Te gusta mucho - i like you a lot
Eres mi vida - you are my life
El amor es... - Love is...
Amar significa no tener que decir nunca 'lo siento' - love means never having to say 'I'm sorry'

(ok, we had a big discussion about this...well...Mrs. Swabb told us something and to never forget it - no matter who it is, if you offend or hurt someone, always say sorry)

Hoy te quiero mas que ayer, pero menos ue manana - today i love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow
Carino, Querido, Amada - Darling, beloved, sweetheart (all more or less interchangeable)
Estamos enamorados - we are in love
Mi novio(a), amante, esposo(a) - boy/girlfriend, lover, spouse
Cupido, Eros es el dieos del amor - Cupid, Eros is the god of love
una cena a la lu de la vela - a candle-lit dinner
Amigos para siempre! - Friends forever.

...that's all of the ones she gave us...
we got to make valentine cards in Spanish today...I made one for my mom...not much, but hey, it'll work...
See ya'll tomorrow at y.g
luv ya
Tim? out.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

another update!

Hey guyz, concert tonight! Whose goin'?
ME! We're goin' right to church after school cuz the bandz gonna be there at 4...we have to help em load and unload (I think) and help dad with the finishing touches on the basement. can't wait til I'm ungrounded from this so I can do this at home and have more time to think of stuff to put on here...
yeah...hernandez is playin' this weird game where he's gotta kill a bunch o zombie like's in black and white...except for the's red...and all over...
well...ya'll should feel honored that I'm updating two days in a row...
by the way, i still feel the same...I think it's just a ginormous amount of frustration and it's almost overwhelming...almost...
yeah, I still need prayer, just that I'll find solutions and answers to these stupid problems of mine...they are stupid too...just the things I'm getting frustrated over would embarass me if ya'll knew...
oh well, just a few til the bell...gotta go...hopefully this'll work the first time 'round...
Tim? out.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

poste de mi para hoy

Hey, guyz...I'm supposed to be in Spanish right now, but I finished all the work I had to do.
I finally can find the time to update for ya'll. But there is some good news out of that...I got 14 comments!...that's a record for me...
Alright, brace yourselves for wutz comin' next...cuz youve never ever heard this from me before... and hopefully never will after this...
Man I woke up today feeling great...but over the past few days, I've slowly been sinking into this hole of negetivity...I've been prayin' like crazy to get out of it, but just me prayin' by my self, and only me knowin' about it isn't helpin too much...I need ya'll to pray for me to about this...I don't let this show in public, like when I'm with ya'll, but now I feel like crap.
ha...sorry for all the bad stuff guyz...but this is what the blog is for, especially since it's a really awkward topic for me to talk's kinda easier to put it on here...
on a happier note, there's a concert tomorrow! I still don't know any of Silverline's music, but I've heard them once...their pretty good. Well, I gotta go now, Mrs Swabb's probably wonderin' where I am and wut I'm doin'...actually, she probably forgot all about me. that's just how she is(:-)>
See ya'll at the concert tomorrow!
Tim? out.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Como estan amigos?

Hey ya'll, wutz up? I finally get to do a real update...I'm at school right now in Chemistry...we're doing absolutely nothing, except watching Robots. i'd rather get on here and do some updating...I think I'll watch it after I finish updating...maybe.
So today in band everyone with a solo or ensemble had to play them in front of the class...Jon and JC did really well with their's...I got kinda nervous and in lots o places, only air came out., that movie is so distracting...
any way, I did pretty well too, well as Jon and was pretty cool watching them play...Jon's like...playin' like he's the best and he knows it...kinda funny...JC was playin' like he'd rather be somewhere else...that was cool, watching them play...I started out pretty well, then I started to think while playin'...not a good thing to do...I don't even remember what it was I was thinkin' about, but it got me really nervous...that's when I started to mess up...oh well, I get to do it again friday, so I should do better then...hopefully...
History class was pretty boring...didn't do anything out of the norm...just plain boriong...
Spanish was fun...we're doing the News en Espanol...pretty cool, eh?
I made it Channel 1701 News...that's a long number when you say it Spanish...unomil setenciento y uno...ok, it's not that long...oh well...
In advisory, which is like ya'lls seminar, the teacher made us write thank you notes to the teachers that are going to participate in the FBLA contest...
..."by the way, the name's Piper, rhymes with viper...sssss"...the part that just played in Robots...
..."the force is strong with this one"...another part...
ok, so now I'm in Chemistry typin' away...gettin' distracted by the movie...yeah... ...
See ya'll wednesday...
"Why do you call her Aunt Fanny?"
"We couldn't call her Aunt Booty, now could we?"
Tim? out.