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Timz Space: January 2006

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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Yo all!

hey, guyz...I only have about 6 minutes, so this is goin' ta be short.
I don't really have anything great goin' on in my life right now...
school usual...the people are getting really anoying, especially of late. it's F this and F that and all this crap here and there and everywhere...nice...gotta luve it...NOT! that's pretty much just my major problem with school.
oh, well...I'll just have to live with it for now...
Sunday night was a blast...we should do somethin' like that again sometime...
the bellz about to ring and I have a 5o% chance of this actually posting, so I'll have to try a coupla times...
See ya'll there!
Tim? out.

Monday, January 23, 2006

My weekend...

Hey, guyz, it’s Tim? here…
Nothin’ much for today…schoolz such a drag…so boring…
I think I should give ya’ll a quick recap of my weekend…
Friday – we were supposed to leave school at 1:00 to be at K State for auditions at around 3:30. Because of the weather, we were forced to stay at school and…do…school stuff….yeah…sucked mucho a lotto…
Saturday – woke up at 5:00 a.m and got to school by 6:00…that’s what we had arranged: to leave the school by 6:00…GAY!!! We missed the auditions; so we had to deal with not being in the honor band…that also sucked mucho a lotto. We were assigned to our bands and positions…Jon, JC, and I were all assigned to the same band…pretty cool…I played a 2nd trumpet part, which I’m fine with…I was sick the whole weekend and couldn’t play worth crap anyway…so: no biggy. From about 9:00 p.m to around 11:45, we went to our aunt’s house. She lives only a block or two from where we were staying…It was pretty fun…Jon got to play with our cousin Joel’s new guitar and guitar pedal…he had a blast doin’ that...JC and I just pretty much talked to Leah and her two friends…or…that’s what I did…Uncle Scott came home with a rented movie…”the Wedding Crashers”…o.k movie…we only saw about 35 minutes of it cuz it was scratched…We went back to the hotel and I took a shower and went right to bed…
Sunday – woke up at 7:00…my palm pilot told me to feed the dogs…really great, huh? I went back to bed and woke up later around 8:30 and went down to breakfast…had dress rehearsal and then the final concerts…my band was fourth…we played some pretty cool songs…one reminded me of Ali and Aley…it was called “Clowns”…really cool song…reminded me of clowns for some reason, don’t know why…*wink, wink*…So we came home with Mom, who had come to watch us play…got home and went right to bed…couldn’t fall asleep so I called Hayden…talked to him for a while…went down stairs for something…don’t remember what…then went back to bed…for real that time…
Monday (today) – I woke up at 5:00 to do my notecards for English…that were NOT due today (like David and I had thought). Went back to bed till around 8:30…mom said we could all skip 1st hour and sleep in (I just had to do my homework at 5 first)…nice…

If all mankind had been righteous and only one man a sinner, Christ would have come to endure the same cross for this one man. He so loves every individual.

Well, I miss you guyz and can’t wait till Wednesday…
Peace out amigos.
Tim? Out.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Yo, homiez, wut iz da izzups, eh?
I'm havin' a grand ol' time here at home doin' nothin' but bein' sick. Soundz fun, doesn't it?
...yeah...I get to miss the ASVAB testing today...I'll probably have to do when the VoTech'ers do it, though. It's the test that tells you where you'd be put if you were to go into the military...I kinda wanted to take it, just out of curiosity...oh well.
Now I can get my English done and turn it in tomorrow...score!...
Right below this sentence is an awesome song by Jonah it... ...please...

I Have Heard about the Days of old
About the men who followed You
And how they saw the Supernatural
And became the chosen few

So I come before You now
Tearing off my earthly crowns
for this one thing I have Found

I want Faith Like That
To see the dead rise
or to see You pass by
Oh I, I want Faith Like That
Whatever the cost
I'll suffer the loss, Oh I
I want Faith Like That

I'm not Looking for a miracle
Signs and Wonders are things thereof
I caught a glimps of what You want from me
and what I have is not enough

I read the story one more time
of Those who gave to You Their lives
With no fear or compromise

I want Faith Like That
To see the dead rise
or to see You pass by
Oh I, I want Faith Like That
Whatever the cost
I'll suffer the loss, Oh I
I want the Faith That can move any mountain
and send them to the sea
I want the Faith that can break every stronghold
That keeps you, keeps you from me

I want Faith Like That
To see the dead rise
or to see You pass by
Oh I, I want Faith Like That

I want Faith Like That
To see the dead rise
or to see You pass by
Oh I, I want Faith Like That
Whatever the cost
I'll suffer the loss, Oh I
I want Faith Like That, a Faith like that

Faith Like That...Jonah 33
(a great prayer...*hint, hint*)
Tim? out.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Good News (not the Bible)

Hey guyz, awesome news! I found out that I'll be able to go to y.g today...YES!!!
if I get 16 out of 25 notecards done before I leave...I'll get 'em I can see ya'll tonight...
since I'm promising, I'll see ya'll tonight!
Tim? out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

...nothing to do...

Hey, guyz, wutz up?
I'm in chemistry and just finished the assignment for today. I have about 20 minutes left in here, so I thought I'd update just a little, tell ya'll sum stuff.
Y.G tomorrow...I hope I can go...I still don't know...(that rhymed). If I can't, that would suck a whole lot. Jon, JC and I will be gone for the weekend with the band at school...we're going to the K State Band Clinic...should be fun, but the no-church-on-sunday-with-you-guyz thing will not be cool. Ya never know, I might just call all ya'll and ask about church and stuff...we should have worship practice sunday night cuz we should be back at about 6:30.
Jeff's standing next to me telling me an application of's wut we did today in chem. actually, not as boring as usual. He said sumthin' about bein' able to find a possible bomb on a plane?. Sumthin' like that.
Jeff just asked to see my blog, to see how much I usually put on here...he said that I already have a lot. I still think I should put a lot on here cuz I'm supposed to be grounded from the computer..."But as for now" (famous audio adrenaline's plant song quote) I think I'll just check to see if anyone's on the chatter line...never mind. The school disabled it.
Oh, well. Not much for carin' about that right now. It'd be kinda cool if it worked though.
Man!, my stomach feels like it's chewing a hole in itself...somehow, I remember Ali saying that saturday night before dinner...but that's how my insides feel right now. I'm so flippin' hungry! Only 6 minutes til lunch Can'
Well, hopefully I'll see ya'll wednesday.
Tim? out.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

yo guyzez!!

Hey, wutz happenin' guyz and galz?
I['m at the Roberts' house right now waiting for Jon to pick JC and me up.
quick recap of today...
...I had woken up at 7:30 and just lain there reading the Bible on my palm pilot...finished the last couple of chapters in Acts and the first one in Romans...I'm gonna put somethin' in here that I thought was pretty cool...
"God had already promised this Good News through his prophets in the Holy Scriptures. This Good news is about his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. In his human nature he was a descendant of David. In his spiritual, holy nature he was decleared the Son of God..."in my words...that tells both of the sides of Jesus that we talked about at y.g.)..."his was shown in a powerful way wen he came back to life. Through him we have received God's kindness and the privilege of being apostles who bring people from every nation to the obedience that is associated with faith. This is for the honor of his name. You are among those who have been called to belong to Jesus Christ." Romans 1:1-6. I thought that this was really cool...especially the part I bolded. This is definately encouragement. I thought this was awesome! I liked it a lot! I can probably say that I like it in a lot more ways, but I think you guyz and galz get the point...right? that I liked it a lot? alright...ok. I hope ya'll liked it too.
well, I'm sittin' here waitn' for Jon still...I hope he didn't forget about JC and me...oh well...
wut else can I put on here? oh yeah...I can continue with my update...he he...
so after I did that, I went down stairs and talked to my awesome mom for a bit, had a cup o' java, and wondered when Mrs. Roberts was gonna call and tell us wut was goin' on with the trip to Lawrence.
So we left at about 10:15 and got to the Roberts' house at around 10:30 (that's wut time we were supposed to be there...we were actually late by some ammount of unknown time). We went to Lawrence and did some shopping in thrift stores. then went to lunch at Rudy's Pizza. I overstuffed by eating just three pieces of pizza...yeah, my motabolism must be slowin' down or sumthin'...I don't know...oh well...
we did some more shopping at random stores along the road, then to get icecream at Coldstone's. Smelled good, but combined with my full stomach, I started to feel that i was goin' to vomit all over...not cool.
When we were done shopping, we sort of toured part of the K.U campus in the van. then Jonz amazing sense of direction and Mrs. Roberts' skilled driving, we got home in one piece (alive, too). Jon left the Roberts' house at about 5:30 to go to work at the pool. JC and I stayed here and played Cranium with Mrs. Roberts, Hayden, and Emma. Hayden and JC won...really surprising cuz Mrs. Roberts and I were winning the whole time...weird, huh?
Oh, before that, we watched Superstar...of which I totally regret. it was so stupid...funny, but stupid...If you haven't seen it, you shouldn't waste your time to watch it (in my opinion).
well, besides that, I've done nothing except update (for you all). and that's what i'm doing right now.
that's also what I'm just ending: my update...
Tim? out.
p.s If that last part sounded kinda mean, it wasn't supposed to, that's just how it came out...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

hola amigos y amigas.

wutz up G's? Homies?
I have about ten minutes til the bell and nothing to type...
I should probably be doing homework right now, but...j/k.
I get to go to work today right after school and have a great time playing with boiling grease! Doesn't that just sound like a blast?!
but I do have to go to work.
I have off tomorrow and saturday, then sunday I lifeguard...then go to the Roberts' house! gonna be mucho funno, ya know...o?
Gotta go now, slow typer (that's me)
Have fun for the rest of the school...if that's possible.
alright, bye guyz.
Tim? out.

Monday, January 09, 2006

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

No un Poste Verdadero

hey ya'll...
I just got done reading the comments on my previous post...
None from any of you (except Hayden)(thanx, Hayden)
Thanx a lot guyz...after ya'll had been tellin' me to update, I get three comments (none from the people who told me to update, by the way)
I luv ya'll too.
and...I don't know whether to feel special or shunned. (probably the latter)
oh well, me and Jon are gonna snowboard tonight at Snow Creek and get our season passes.
READ MY PREVIOUS POST (if you want to read a real update)
Tim? out.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

afolhiwefoin ... uhhh ... ummm

Ok, I know it's been a while since I've updated...sorry guyz and girlzez...
to start off this momentus updatus, I'd like to show ya'll the calendar of the weekendus(rhymes with momentus and updatus)...

Friday - b.ball at the community center with Mike Dumbrowski @ have to pay $1.50 to get in.
b.ball game @ PR (if ya wanna come, you have ta pay ($) and be there at 7)

Saturday - football @ St. Mary's...1 o'clock (it's free)

Sunday - church, workin' at the pool (for jon, codizzle and I)(if ya wanna swim, come to the pool door/ we might let ya in for free!), then there's worship practice...always fun...

That's wut I've got planned so far. If I've missed something, put it in a comment, please.
Now, for wut we've all been waiting for...dun dun duh (dramatic feelings passing through your body right now) real update...
(ok, I know I sound like a pompous freak this post, but it's always fun...well...sometimes...)
School...wut to say...
I'm on the ball this semester. No late or incompletes...yet...(it's only the back) I found out today in band that our permission slips for the K State Band Clinic...(a thing where a bunch o' band geeks get together in big (compared to PR) bands and play really cool songs)...are due tomorrow...we're going...February 20-22...gonna be so much fun!...
did absolutely nothing in history...Spanish was boring (Mrs. Swabb wasn't there)...Chemistry is actually catching my interest this semester...I'm gonna do much, much better...I tried to go to the library to update during lunch, but it was closed...p.e was a blast. Me and this other kid finally beat these other kids. We never win. We always get either really close to tying them (like yesterday) or they dominate us (which is wierd, cuz I really am better than both of my opponents). I nailed 6 threes (more than half of our points, thank you very much) and a bunch of twos. Awesome game...Algebra 2 was extremely easy today, no homework, pure awesomeness...we did absolutely SOMETHING in English. We listened to about 10 alumni from our high school tell us about college...I hope I remember at least some of what they said...
That was my day at school today...very boring...except the p.e part.
I came home and don't remember what I did...ate dinner, got booted off the computer cuz I had to take David to drivers' ed., came home and watched my dad try to find some games for my palm pilot (didn't find any that would work for my model), waited for a while to get back on, and here I am. Updating like a faithful companion...well, not that...but still...
If you guyz don't mind a long post, I can put a story on here...I think I shall...
alright, here 'tis.

Gladys Staines had every reason to be bitter and angry. No one would have blamed her for leaving India. But when fanatical Hindus in the Indian tow of Manoharpur murdered her husband and two sons, Gladys and her thirteen-year-old daughter, Esther, decided to stay. She would continue her work with the lepers in the area.
Her husban, Graham, and their two young sons, Philip and Timothy, were killed while they were sleeping in their jeep outside of a church. They were there to minister to the vongregation. However, before the sun came up that dreadful morning, a band of approximately one hundred Hindus poured gasoline on their vehincle and set it on fire. The Hindus, armed with bows and arrow, then surrounded the vehicle prevention their escape.
Gladys said that Graham had never set out to evangelize among the Hundus. He was simply there demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ.
At the memorial service for Graham, Philip, and Timothy, Gladys and Esther sang:
Because he lives, I can face tomorrow,
Because he lives, all fear is gone,
Because I know he holds the future,
And life is worth the living just because he lives.

Extreme dedication is never daunted by danger. It isn't weakened by worries. It isn't even concerned about consequences. Dedication only knows one thing - the task at hand. For many poeple, losing their family fo hostile foreigners would be a rational excuse for abndoning their mission. Not so for those driven by extreme dedication. Although they may be devastated by the trial, their determination to move forward is undeterred. God alone can give us the spiritual strength necessary to resume our mission in spite of misery. Do you dind ourself trying to dtermine whether or not to go on in God's work? Has something happened to take you off course? Ask God for daily dedication to stick to the task.

But those who live in accordance ith the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires.
Romans 8:5

...What do ya think?...
Tim? out.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

pic o' JC

I've no longer the urge to show
a nudy person on my blog, therefore
I have removed JC's pic. Is dat ok with you???


Hey, guyz...wut is da ups with yizzall?
I don't really have anything to say...
But I read another story that I'd like to share with ya'll...
It goes something like this...actually, just like this...

"Son, you can't believe this Jesus is real," said Chyrsanthes' father.
"I know it's true, Father," replied Chhyrsanthes. "I believe that Jesus came into the world to save sinners like you and me. He is the light of the world. There is no hope in the idols you adore."
As punishment, his father locked Chyrsanthes into a dark cellar for days, but could still hear his son singing praise to God. To turn Chrysanthes from the faith, his father also tried surrounding him with worldly delights and girls, but Chyrsanthes held strong. Then his father brought Daria, an idolatrous woman of uncommon beauty, into his home to make him forget Christ. Instead, Chyrsanthes brought her to salvation, and she was baptized.
Later, Chyrsanthes and Daria maried and enjoyed a wonderful and miraculous ministry bringing others to Christ. When Roman guards tried to bind them for witnessing, the ropes fell off their hands. The governor ordered soldiers to tie Chyrsanthes to a pillar and beat him with rods, but the blows left no trace on his body. As a result, the soldiers and the governor fell at his feet confessing to God's power.
In a land that worshiped idols, Chyrsanthes stood out because he trusted in the living God, not in stones or woodcarvings. Because of his endurance, scores of pagans came to faith.

The gospel of Christ is nothing new. It has been changing lives for centuries and will continue to do so until Christ returns. The stories of old are the stories of today. The Christian martyr in hand-sewn robes and sandals shares the same heart with the modern, blue-jean-clad believer who e-mails his testimony. No generation gap separates those who left a legacy of faith and those who carry on their legacy today. Where do you fit in the story line? Are you willing to align your testimony with the saints of old? Live fully for Christ today and leave a legacy for tomorrow. You can help transform a home, a workploace, a community, or even an entire country for Christ.

But you, O Lord, sit enthroned forever; your renown endures through all generations.
Psalm 102:12

Pretty cool, eh?
yes yes yes, it was...
See ya'll wed
Tim? out.