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Timz Space: December 2005

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Good night...
Good morning...
And Happy New Year!
Tim? out.

A NEW YEAR!!! WHOOHAA!!'s January?...
night ya'll...or morning.
Tim? out.
This is like my fourth update today...third in like...10 minutes...loloti...hehehe
now Tim? out.

New Year's

It's exactly 12:00 right now!
Anybody else on?
Tim? out.

wanna see sumthin'?...or lots o sumthin'z?

Hey, guyz, just wanna show ya some pics of our Christmas break...

The first pic is my kitty playin' with Mollyz lampshade.
The second is us opening presents...or...messin' with what we opened.

the third is another pic of my kitty messin' with Molly.

the fourth is just another pic of my kitty cat...just cuz I luv her so much.

the polar bears are just random...I took that pic at the Omaha Zoo when we went to Nebraska for the weekend a couple of weeks ago.

<-This is another pic of my kitty...isn't she just soooo cuuuuute? Heck frickin' yes she is!! Gosh!

the next pic is of the Christmas Dinner with the chizzurch...pretty tree...ehem...
<-This is JCz lovely left arm after Ali and Aley busted out their artist skillz dat killz on him.

These last two are from the Omaha Zoo (again). A flock of flamingos (did I spell that right?) and a turtle. Not a tortoise, a turtle...there's a difference...if you didn't know.

Well, I don't think I'm allowed any more time on here...seein' how the pics are takin' so long to upload...I've been on for about an hour and 10 minutes already just tryin' to figure this out + uploading pics took about 30 minutes altogether...
See ya'll tomorrow at da chizzurch.

Tim? out.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Killer Mom?

Yo dawgz and Dawgesses...Howz it been for ya, eh?
my mom went on a chainsaw rampage for about half an hour...It was kinda funny to watch...I had to keep telling her not to cut there, or the blad'll get stuck...don't tell her I said that...especially cuz it's not like she can read this if she wanted to...well...
I had to help her get started again with the whole blogging thing, so...Sheesh...I'v finally done wut you've been waiting for. she left a big long comment on her thing talkin' about who...
little break (sorry, sheesh)
...great news...I just found out that JEREMY CAMP is gonna be at Acquire the Fire in February...(and we're most likely going to it)
Isn't that just plain awesome?!
...ok back again...about who-knows-what...I sure don't. oh, and I dont know if I've told you, but I'm goin' on a mission trip in the summer to Panama. It's gonna be flippin' awesome!
Well now...
David had this dinner thing with all the foreign exchange students in the area that came with a.s.s.e (the group that david came with).
All of us are going. It should be fun. David's makin' a thing o' poe-tay-toes (lol) for it, too.
and I might be able to go to the community center and play some b-ball with luke, finally.
well, I gotta go do my laundry now, so...
see ya'll sumtime soon...
Tim? out.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


ok, so...
We (Jon, me, David, JC, and Ryan) just got back from the church. We had to help move the carpet into the basement. Needless to say, David and I did all the work. And he'll agree with me. very much so.
everything before that was extremely boring. I just found out that I get to go to work today...more hours, yay! Sumthin' to take my mind of the boringness. tomorrow should be good though. We're goin' ta se King Kong. Can't wait.
ok, since I haven't done one in a while, and I just read this awesome one...

The pastor, his wife, and their six small children had just read Psalm 23 while eating breakfast. Suddenly, the police burst into his home to search the house and arrest him.
The police asked him, "Don't you have anything to say? Have you no sorrow or regret?" the pastor said carefully, "You are the answer to what we prayed today. We just read in Psalm 23 that God prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies. We had a table but no enemies. Now you have come. If you would like anything that is on the table, I would like to share it with you. You were sent by God."
"How could you say such stupid things? We will take you to prison, and you will die there. You will never see your children again." With continued ease, the pastor continues, "We also read about that today: 'Though I pass through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear.' "
The officer shouted, "Everyone fears death. I know because I have seen it on their faces."
"A shadow of a dog can't bite you, and a shadow of death can't kill you. You can kill us or put us in prison, but nothing bad can happen to us. We're in Christ, and if we die, he will take us to his world."

Peace. It's becoming as valuable as blue-chip stock in today's economy of unrest and violence. Fortunately, all believers are shareholders in God's gift through Jesus Christ. But many people lack this peace. Some take prescriptions and worry to no end, trying to receive peace apart from God. Whatever good feeling they may find is only temporary at best. Then it's back to worry and unrest. In contrast, God's peace enables us to succeed with serenity in our sufferings. No trial can unnerve your trust in him. Like the gentle pastor in this story, though calamity may strike without warning, you will be prepared with God's perfect peace.

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.
Isaiah 26:3

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Ok, so...
last night was a blast. We had another halo party. Sadly, Hayden wasn't there to whoop up with me and Phil.
we need to have another halo thing when you get back...
sorry, digressing just a little...
It was a blast.
I don't really know what to put on here.
We're goin' ta see King Kong the day after tomorrow. I think it's gonna be tight!
My mom wants t leave now, and I'm goin' with her. Goin' to get new glasses.
See ya'llz lataz.
Tim? out.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Yo... ... ...
howz it goin'?
Luke just got here, and that means it's time to go.
Tim? out.

sup guyz?

so...I just got an audio blogger account. It's pretty tight.
Just thought I'd let ya'll know.
Tim? out.

this is an audio post - click to play

Monday, December 26, 2005

Day afta CHRISTmas...

December 26...the best day to go shopping for anything.
Not the best line to open my update with, and I'm not gay.
But we did see someone at the mall today whom we all thought was a homo(sexual).
Well, not much to post today. We went shopping at the Great Mall with Aley today.
I woke up around 7:30 and helped my dad with the stage at church. We didn't finish it, but at least we worked on it. Right? That's all that matters.
We met Aley at 7-11 at around 1 and carpooled. It was pretty fun. I got a hat for twenty bucks and a 70-dollar shirt for 16 bucks. Flippin' awesome shirt too. It's a...claborne...yeah. really cool. Got it at Marshall's. Sweet store. I luv it.
Then we left and dropped Aley back off at 7-11 so she could get her car and we could go to our g'ma's house.
Our cousins were there (and we only see these every other year). Leah played her violin for us. She's really really good at it. She gets to play at Carnagie Hall down in New York. I don't know when, but...She's the middle cousin. I think she's 13 or 14.
Hannah just talked...and tried to play Leah's violin. She was better at it than my dad, but...still not as good as Leah. Hannah's the oldest. She's like...right in between Jon and I in age. She's really really good at soccer.
And then there's Joel. Well, kind of...he's never really there. He's the quietest kid I've ever met. Except for Leah. She's pretty shy/quiet, too. He didn't do anything really cool while we were there. But he did play with the toilet seat my dad and uncle had just switch'd from my g'parents bathroom. It was hilarious. and...he's about Ryan's age...a little He's like 12 or 13. I'm not sure.
Then we left after talking with them for a while. We came home and did pretty much...nothing. So I got on the computer and started to update. oh, and I went to walmart and got milk and cereal.
I don't have a story for ya'll today, but I have an awesome song that I want ya'll to actually.
Well, here it is...

A Faith Like That

I Have Heard about the Days of old
About the men who followed You
And how they saw the Supernatural
And became the chosen few

So I come before You now
Tearing off my earthly crowns
for this one thing I have Found

I want Faith Like That
To see the dead rise
or to see You pass by
Oh I, I want Faith Like That
Whatever the cost
I'll suffer the loss, Oh I
I want Faith Like That

I'm not Looking for a miracle
Signs and Wonders are things thereof
I caught a glimps of what You want from me
and what I have is not enough

I read the story one more time
of Those who gave to You Their lives
With no fear or compromise

I want Faith Like That
To see the dead rise
or to see You pass by
Oh I, I want Faith Like That
Whatever the cost
I'll suffer the loss, Oh I
I want the Faith That can move any mountain
and send them to the sea
I want the Faith that can break every stronghold
That keeps you, keeps you from me

I want Faith Like That
To see the dead rise
or to see You pass by
Oh I, I want Faith Like That

I want Faith Like That
To see the dead rise
or to see You pass by
Oh I, I want Faith Like That
Whatever the cost
I'll suffer the loss, Oh I
I want Faith Like That, a Faith like that

...back to me...I pray for this A LOT! and ya'll should too.
Ta ta
Tim? out.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

wutz up w/ dat?

dis iz just a cool pic o' when we went 2 da zoo in Nebraska.
Now for the big reason of my update.
Ok...nobody has commented on my latest post. and it's been at least a day.
almost two.
And for those of you who are real bloggerz, ya'll know that this is a really long time not to update.
I've decided not to put a real update until someone comments on my last one. (that's not me being's me saving you guyz the trouble of reading more than one update at a time)

just a little announcement

p.s - this means either update or comment so that I know your on.

Tim? out.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve!!

Yo ya'llzez, wut is da goinz on wit yuz?
So, today is Christmas Eve! Tomorrowz Christmas! YAHOO!
Well, not yahoo...we all opened our presents today, so...yeah
Tomorrow, church is going to be really short. Just ten songs and NO LESSON. mixed feelings on that for me. you can think wut ya like. Me and dad (or, dad and I) are going to play our trumpets in a coupla duets tomorrow during some of the songs.
I finally got my mini computer. Actually, it's a palm pilot kinda thing, but it has so much more on it. It's flippin' awesome. I'll show ya'll at church. Well, not all ya'll(ALI, HAYDEN).
Well, as exciting as today was, I'm not going to post anymore today...except for a little story...and then maybe some more stuff. We'll see.

", eight, nine - you! Step out!" The Nazi guard yelled at the woman. The commandant had ordered every tenth prisoner executed as punishment for two women's escape the previous night.
"Pleas have mercy on me! I have a child," the tenth woman pleaded.
Mary Skotsobaugh stood next in lin. In her heart Mary heard, "Step forward and say your wish to die in her place." She replied to the inner voice, "Why? She is not a Christian. She is a Jewish Communist. When the Nazis are overthrown and the Communists come to power, they will be as bad as the Nazis."
Then Mary remembered that it was Good Friday. The voice said, "On this day I died not for the good ones but for the bad ones, for sinners."
Mary then stepped forward. "I wish to die."
The officer laughed. "If you are stupid enough to die in her place, all right, you come forward. Her turn will come soon enough."
As mary went to be executed and burned in the ovens, she told them, "When God took his people out of slavery in Egypt, it is written in our Bibe that he walked before them in a column of fire. I pray when my body burns it would be a column of fire that will show you the way to God."

One step forward can make all the difference. Christians often live theri lives prcariously balanced on the ledge between safety and the unknown. Those who have taken the small step forward into the unknown have always found the faithfulness of God. Noah. Moses. Abraham. Deborah. Ruth. Mary. Paul. The list of biblical examples goes on and on, not to mentiona host of history's hall of fame. One step of faith changed theire lives from ordinary to extraordinary. Is God calling you to step forward in faith today? Do you hear his voice in your heart? Listen up. Prepare to move. Your small step of obedience could show others the way to God.

A man's steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand his own way?
Poverbs 20:24

Well, now...I don't really have anything to add to that.
Tim? out.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Yo homies/ Extreme Willingness

Hey guyz wutz up? I just got home from the Roberts' house about 45 minutes ago. It feels like forever since I've posted.
Uhhhh...not a whole lot to say...I really want to go to bed now so...I'll type really really fast.

"My dress," the young girl murmured, her words slurred through swollen lips. "Please give me my dress. I want to hold it."
The Christians surrounding the girl's bed were sad. Because of her extensive internal injuries, doctors could do nothing for her. Weeks ago, the believers had bought her a white dress to celebrate her new life and pure heart in Christ Jesus.Her father had not been pleasd with his daughter's decision to follow Christ. One night, in a drunken rage, he attacked his daughter, beating and kicking her. He left her lying in the muddy street to die.
When she did not show up for church, her Christian friends went looking for her. They found the girl unconscious, lying in a heap, her formerly snow white dress now covered in blood and mud. She was brought to a doctor, but her injuries were severe.
Now she was asking for her dress.
"The dress si ruined," her friends told her. They tried to talk her out of it, thinking that seeing the ruined dress would bread down the girl's spirit.
With the simple faith of a ten-year-old, she whispered, "Please, I want to show the dress to Jesus. He was willing to bleed for me. I just want Jesus know that i was willing to bleed for him."
Shortly afterwards, the toung girl died.

God is not interested in our ability. We may be talented. Resourceful. Wealthy. Professional, popular, and punctual. Offering our various abilities in God's service, however, is nothing like offering our availability. Our abilityies are about ourselves - we can see ourselves doing this or that for God. In contrast, our availability is about God alone - we can only imagine how to obey no matter what the cost. God wants our willingness to serve him regardless of our specific abilities. How do we become so willing That, too, is God's gift. He gives us the "want to" - the will or desire to be available to him.

For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.
Philippians 2:13

It's about 1 in the morning...Good night (or, morning, or sleep time). Rambling.
Tim? out.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Day/ Romania: Barto

Lets see...
Today was ok. I had my two hardest finals today. Chemistry (actually chemistry - it doesn't deserve a capital letter) and English. Yeah...I had to go back to the chemistry room after school to finish my final. My brain shuts down when it comes to chemistry, so I was working really slow. When I got lookin' at my test, the teacher had already graded the stuff I had done. I did really good compared to how I thought I was doing. Hopefully, the rest of my test will be like that too.
English was fairly easy. I'm expecting a low B or a C on the final. Yeah...
Okay, so the y.g Christmas (not happy holiday) party is tonight. I got sum pretty cool stuff for whoever gets mine. Its a ... and a ... and a ...
WHAT!? You actually thought I'd tell ya'll wut I got? loloti
ok, herez da story...

Barto was on the brink of starvation. Once a Communist Party official and prosecuting attorney, he was now considered expendable by the same pary. He was sentenced to labor in a Romanian prison camp. His stomach, once full, was now wasting away. He wondered how much longer he could go on.
Seeing Barto's frail stature, a fellow prisoner came up to him and offered to shar his rations of food. "Thank you, my friend," he said to the other prisoner. "How long must you be here?" Baro asked as he wolfed down the food.
"Twenty years," replied the prisoner. His eyes seemed to question Barto.
"What crime did you commit?"
"I was tried and sentenced for giving food to a fugitive pastor who was being chased by the police," the man said calmly. Barto noticed his voice didn't carry bitterness like Barto had heard from so many others.
"Who gave you such a harsh punishent for doing a good deed?" demanded Barto.
The prisoner replied humbly, "Sir, you were the state prosecutor at my trial. You don't recognize me now, but I remember you."
The man went on. "I am a Christian. hrist tahght us to reward evil with good. I wished then for you to realize that it is right and good to give food to a hungry man - even your enemy. Now, I can show you." Barto began that day to understand that his own spiritual needs far outweighed his physical ones.

Kindness is the way to our enemies' hearts. And it may do something for their souls. God uses kindness as his strategy of choice when dealing with us. Instead of giving us exactly what we deserve for our offenses against him, he deals with us kinkly. His kindness is an example of how we should fashion our own approach to those who offend us. Kindness arrests their attention. It is as unexpected as it is underserved. Like Barto, our kindness toward an enemy may awaken a spiritual hunger for the source of our compassion. However, regardless fo their response, we must follow the example of our Lord when dealing with our enemies. Who needs your kindness?

Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, tolerance and patience, not realizing that God's kindness leads you toard repentance?
Romans 2:4

Tim? out.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Extreme Warmth

Read this story...(please)...

Nadejda Sloboda could hardly contain her enthusiasm. She had just learned about Christ from a shortwave radio program broadcast from Europe. As the first Christian in her Russian village, she desperately qanted to tell all her friends about the GHod who had miraculously changed her heart. But she knew the local authorities strictly prohibited any talk of God or Christianity.
However, Nadejda was unable to contain her zeal, and soon a church was born. When the police were unable to squelch the church's growth even with road blockades, the arrested Nadejda and sentenced her to four years in prison. Her five children were taken by force to an atheistic boarding school, which tormented Nadejda. But she felt nearer to God then ever before and persisted in sharing Christ even with her fellow prisoners.
Because of her fefusal to stop talking about Christ, officials put her in a solitary, unheated cell for two months. It was in the middle of winter and Nadejda was not aloud any bedding whatsoever. She was forced to sleep on the cold concrete floor. After she was returned to the common cell, her fellow prisoners asked her how she was able to sstand the treatment. She replied, "I fell asleep on the cold concrete floor trusting in God, and it became warm around me. I rested in the arms of God."

Most Christians can recall a time in their spiritual jouney when it seemed like they could never get enough of God and his Word. Spiritual zeal was second nature. Fervor was a constant friend. Yet, somehow our faith grew cold along the way. Perhaps it was persecution that squelched our enthusiasm. Perhaps it was personal tragedy. Or perhaps it was nothing in particular - just ordinary activities that dampened our spirits and reclaimed our priorities. Are the flames of spiritual fervor now merely smoldering ashes? Has your zeal grown dormant? It is possible to ignite a new relatoinship with God and fuel the fire within. Ask him to help y;ou warm up to the idea.

don't know about ya'llzez, but I like the end o' dis one. 'tis real nice...

Hey, Aley and Ali. Don't forget about the handing-food-out thing we're supposed to do after school today.

Tim? out

Monday, December 19, 2005

wunna see?

Hey guyz, these are the pictures I was trying to put on earlier. I got the really cool, expensive-looking motorcycle pic off yahoo.
The picture of the beautiful car is my Astin Marton. I'm gonna get it when I'm 35 years old, have a good job, and all that other stuff. Ya know, da wrks, G.

I'll see ya'llzez sometime soon.
Tim? out

gotta type fast. 10 minutes till the bell rings.

They were singing choruses when the two soldiers entered with rifles. The service came toa hat as the Russian soldiers stared at the believers with wild eyes.
"What are you doing here?" they shouted. "Worshiping your imaginary God?" The church members cowered in the pews, wondering if there were more soldiers and more guns outside.
"All those who are faithful to God, move to the right side of the church," said one of the soldiers, his face a mask of hatred. "You will be shot for your faith. You who wish to go home and keep your life, stand on the left side. You must decide to live or die. Those who are faithful to this 'God' will die. Thosse who deny him can live freely."
Ten minutes earlier, everyone had sung prases equally. Now it was a question of life or death. Some stood to the left, looking sadly or waving apologetically to those on the right. Some stood on the right, their eyes closed in last-minute prayers.
"You on the left are free to go," one of the soldiers said moments later. Those peaple filed out, taking on last look at those who would soon be dead.
When only those on the right remaned, the soldiers put down their weapons. "We, too, are Christians," they said, "but we wish to worship without hupocrites."

Defining moment come to us when they are least expected, and we cannot prepare for them. We must experience them "as is" and learn from the consequences. A defining moment is any situation involving a question of character. It may be as complex as a church service interupted by perpetrators who demand our allegiance to one faith or another. Or it may be as simple as deciding whether or not to walk out of an offensive movie. Our response is questionable. Ready or not, we meet our reall character face-to-face the moment we decide to take sides.

He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather wiht me scatters.
Matthew 12:30

I love this story. It's really cool...

Tim? out

Hey wutz up guyz?
I just took my history final and it was a p.o.c (piece o' cake, not piece o' crap).
I didn't study at all (don't tell my mom that) and I'm pretty sure I got an A on it. So flippin' e.z. gotta luv those kinda finalz.
I'll give ya'll another martyr story after lunch today, and if I don't get to it then, I'll put it on when I get home. (that means I'm not going to do it right now)
Ya'll are probably busy taking finalz and tests and stuff like that. My phone started buzzing during my history (so-called) final. I had a message that I hadn't read yet (turned out to be Aley saying that she called Ali for me saying they both know that we're not having worship practice)(we know how that whole thing turned out) and there was a stupid message that said sumthin' about free textmessaging from now on. *dats tight*(Kip voice)
It's probably gonna be forever till ya'llz read this cuz o' finalz and studyin and all. It'll be nice if I get a comment or two before schoolz over, but I doubt it. If I don't, I'll just comment on my own, sayin, sumthin' really dumb. Ya know? Fa sho! G? Homie? Dizzog. My wizzle wizzog. Ya know? Fa sho! G?
Like my rap? I made it up (by my self).
Thank you, thank you. I'd like to thank my mom...loloti (laugh out loud on the inside)(just in case ya'll haven't picked it up yet)
I think I'll put a tight picture on here if I can find one. So if therez is one...
therez not gonna be. I tried uploading a pic, but it wouldn't work. It was a picture of a three-wheeled motorcycle with the body of a burger. hilarious. funny. hilariously funny. Ya know?
Well, I think I'll stop now, see if ya'll did anything to yourz and then eat lunch.

Tim? out G'z
ybe bye ya'llzez (yes, it's supposed to be ybe bye)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Alright, (seems I've recently started using "alright" as the first word of my updates) I went to bed about four hours ago at around 4:40. I woke up about an hour ago at around 7:30. Hayden woke up about ten minutes ago and David w/ him (actually, I think David's being smartby going back to bed (floor)) Jon, JC, Cody, Ali, John John, and Emma and Mr. Roberts are still asleep (being smart), but Hayden and I are wide awake and don't feel like going back to bed.
By the way, it's Hayden's b-day party we're at (at his house). Just in case none o' da cool people filled ya in.j/k
Hayden is now playing a computer game on one of the other computers in this room. I'm updating just for ya'll.
Well, since it's early for a weekend, and everybody else is asleep, I'll put another story on. ok?
I read this story for devotions w/mi familia two nights ago. I like it a lot.
(Ilikeit,Iloveit,Iwantsomemoreofit!)loloti(laugh out loud on the inside)

Watchman Nee, the Chinese church leader, had only six hours. He must lead the guard in fromt of his prison cell to Christ so that his letter of encouragement to Christians outside the prison could be delivered.
Chairman Mao's government was infuriated by the spread of Christianity in China. In order to stop the spread of this "foreign cult," they had forced out or killed all foreign missionaries and had sent thousands of Chinese church leaders to prison or to "re-education through labor" camps. But the church still grew.
When the police discovered that Nee's beautiful, powerful letters of encouragement were making their way out of theprison and into the hands of Christians, they doubled the number of guards and never allowed a guard to stand outside Nee's cell more than once. They shortened shifts to six hours, hoping Nee would not have time to convert the guard.
Nee told the guard about the Father's love and willingness to gibve up his own flesh and blood so the guard could live forever in heaven. "Communism cannot get you to heaven," he said. "Only the blood of Jesus Christ can do that."
Five hours into the sermon, with ears streaming from his eyes, the guard accepted Christ. Yet another soul was won for the kingdom, and yet another of Watchman Nee's letters would be safely delivered.

If Christian martyrs teach us anything, it is that we must use creative energy in order to promote the gospel. Their ingenuity, courage, and even craftiness ought to awaken our own spirit for spreading the Good News. While not everyone has the opportunity to smuggle Scriptures into restricted areas, we can still be willing servantsfor the kingdom. IT might mean having a cookout in the driveway for neighbors. It may mean signing up for golf lessons or another community class in order to meet nonchurched people. A new method of witness always risks consequences. But we should always be willing to take the risk instead of settling for mediocrity. Which describes your evangelistic life today? Mundane and mediocre? Or creatively energetic for Christ?

To this end I labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me.
Colossians 1:29

I don't know if these stories get better every time...they're all great. They all spark an interest on the inside. They make you want to do something out of the ordinary, like, go find a random person walking on the sidewalk and convert him/her. It almost makes you want to be persecuted harshly, just so God can do something amazing through you.
This is how I feel...ya'll might not, but I won't hold it against ya.
Cya'll Sunday.
Bye, now!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Alright guyz, herez da story fo today.

It was almost midnight as the women prisoners heard the Communist guards arrive. They quickyly gathered around the comdemned, a yougn woman of twenty who had been sentenced to die for her faith in Christ. They whispered hurried good-byes. There were no tears from the young Romanian woman, no screams for mercy.
Earlier that evening, the prisoners had listened to the young woman, her face glowing with love. "For me, this grave is the doorway to a heavenly city," she had told them. "Who can tell the beauty of that city? There, sadness is not known. There is only joy and song. Everyone is dressed in the white of purity. We can see God face-to-face. There are such joys that juman language cannot express. Why should I weep? Why should I be sad?"
She was engaged to be married, but this night, she told them, instead of being with her earthly fiance, she would meet herheavenly bridegroom.
The pitiless guards entered the cell, and the woman stepped toward them, ready to go. As she left the cel, surrounded by guards, she began to recite the Apostles' Creed. Minutes later, with tears streaming down their faces, the remaining prisoners heard shots. The executioners thought they had ended the young woman's life, but they had only sent her to live forever in a much better palce.

Courage is the bridge that carries us from a nominal existence of earth to an inexplicable longing for a heavenly future. Those who fully understand the certainty of heaven's existence find it easier to exchange their comparably paltry lives on earth for eternal citizenship in heaven. Courage helps us to let go of all we cling to on earth - all the things that make us long to stay here. It takes courage to believe in a life after death. After all, life on earth is all we really know untill the moment we die.

Bye guyz.
da bell rang!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hey guyz, not much to say for today. We're not doing anything in Spanish class, so I came to the library to update and comment and all that jazz.
I think I have enogh time to put in a story, too, so here goes.

"What is it?" Soviet captain Marco snarled at the young boy. "What do you want?"
The boy, only twelve, swallowed his fear as he stood before the Communist officer. "Captain, you are the man who put my parents in prison. Today is my mother's birthday, and I always buy her a flower for her birthday."
"Since my mother taught me to love my enemies and to reward evil with good, I have brought the flower instead for the mother of your children. Please take it home to your wife tonight, and tell her about my love and the love of Christ."
Captain Marco, who had watched unmoved as Christias had been unmercifully beaten and tortured, was stunned at the act of love of this boy. His tears fell as he slowly walked around the desk and grabbed the boy in a fatherly embrace. Marco's heart was changed by the gift of Christ's love. He could no longer arrest and torture Christians, and soon he himself was arrested.
Only months after the boy's visit to his office, Marco slumped in a filthy prison cell surrounded by some of the same Christians he had previously arrested and tortured. He tearfully told his cell mates of the young boy and the simple gift of a flower. He considered it an honor to share a cell with those he had previously hunted and attacked.

Generosity is second nature to the believer. Jesus taught that others would recognize real believers by their demonstration of love. And not just for those who love us in return. Oftentimes, generosity toward strangers and even enemies is the best application of Jesus' teachings. Witnesses to our acts, if not the recipients themselves, are befuddled at the sight. Imagine a wounded Christian worder who prays for the boss who unjustly fired him or her. Picture the impact of griebing parents who give the gift of forgiveness to a drunk driver. The world doesn't understand generosity. However, it is affected by it all the same. We find we are never more like God himself as when we give generously to other. God gave his only Son to demonstrate his love for the world and purchase our salvation. What could you give today that might open someone's heart to God's kingdom?

But love your enemies, do good to them.
Luke 6:35

As usual, these stories leave me in a kind of stupor. This one...just a flower...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

here's my story for the day, ya'll

Just as Pastor Li Dexian Began his sermon, the doors of the house church burst open. Armed officers of the Chinese Public Security Bureau poured into the room, threatening everyone present and grabbing Li to arrest him.
"Wait, please allow me to grab my bag." As always, the pastor's tone with the officers was polite yet firm.
The officers were surprised at the request. "What's in there?" they demanded, grabbing the black zippered bag Li held and ripping it open. The bag contained a blanket and a spare change of clothes, Li told them, because he had been expecting to be arrested that day.
Pastor Li had been arrested many times. Twice, police had beaten him to the point that he vomited blood, and on time Li's face was beaten with his own Bible. Li was warned that police were watching the village where he held his Tuesday meetings. He knew if he showed up to preach, he would be imprisoned. Today, Chinese citizens can be sent to labor campls for up to three years without a formal trial.
The risks were great, but Li's bag was packed. More than having a bag packed, though, he had his mind and heart prepared. He was willing to pay any cost to preach the gospel. He was convinced God would care for him - even in prison.

Readiness is a sign of commitment. Commitment that is unprepared to sacrifice is merely compromise in disguise. For example. consider the marriage commitment. It costs on's selfishness and deals a heavy blow to onw's sense of independence. However, the result is a stronger marriage. Relationships that are not ready to sacrifice for the sake of comitment do not last. Compromise takes a steady toll and weakens our desire and ability to be committed. In the same way, the believer's commitment to Christ must exact a price in order to maintain its value. We must prepare for the test of our commitment by daily affirmig that Christianity is worh it. It's worth spending our time in daily prayer. It's worth gathering for worship at church. It's worth enduring hardship and trial, abuse, and even arrest for the privilege of maintaning our commitment without compromise.

Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you.
1 Peter 4:12

back to me...
I think that this one is another great story. They all are, but this one...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Yo, ya'llzez.
wut iz up w/da cool peeps, eh?
I've had some comments about my ebonics.
Should I stop? I will if ya'll want me to. I'll never misspell anything ever again or use ebonics. I promise.
That's only if ya'll want me to, though.
good news.
I just learned that we get to practice more songs tonight at 7!
We should actually try and play tonight, though.
(get all homework done before you leave so we can stay and "fellowship", ok?)
bye ya'll

tgriff izout

Alright, here's my post for today.

"Tell him, Timothy, please!" shouted Maura, pleading with her husband. "Tell the gobernor where the Scriptures are hidden and be free! I cannot bear to watch any more of this." Timothy and Maura, residents of the Roman province of Mauritania, had been married only a few short weeks before their arrest.
Maura had watched in horror as soldiers put out her husband's eyes with hit iron, trying to break his will. Now, hanging upside down with a weight around his neck on he orders of Roman governor Arrianus, Tiothy waited for his gag to be removed. The fear he initially felt at his arrest had been replaced with a sense of divine calm.
Instead of renouncing his faith and disclosing the location of his churchs copies of the Scriptures, as the soldiers expected, Timothy scolded his young wife. "Do not let your love for me come before your love for Christ," he urged Maura, affirming his willingness and determination to die for his Savior. Seeing her husband's courage, Maura's own resolve was strengthened.
Arrianus, already in a rage at Timothy's refusal, set out to break Maura's newfound courage. He sentenced her to the harshest tortures of the Roman world. Yet she would not break. She refused to deny Christ.
After each had endured unspeakable suffering, Timothy and Maura wre crucified, side by side.

Jesus did not entrust his ministry to independent believers - he established a spiritual family. He used words like "brother" and "sister" to convey the idea that he dind not expect his disciples to be in this alone. Paul continued Christ's mission by instructing new believers to gather in churches for fellowship and corporate worship. Christians need each other - especially in times of trial. When on believer falters, fellow believers rally in support and encouragement. This is why the New Testament regards the duty of living by example as a necessity in the Chrstian faith. One person's example of faith and courage can inspire and unit others to follow suit. Conversely, when one believer cracks under the pressure of persecution, it is easier for other to give in as well. History holds hight eh camaraderie of Christian community - especially during persecution.

My purpose is that htey may be encouraged in heart and united in love.
Colossians 2:2

back to me...
Take this as encouragement. We all have each other as our "family". We (should) look to each other for support in times of trial.
Gotta go now.

Peace out ya'llz

Monday, December 12, 2005

All right guyz.
I just burned a sweet mix cd. (all Christian rock/worship)(only a couple o' worship ones, but dey tight)(ya know?)(fa sho!)
Yeah i'm listenin' to it right now, it's tizzight.
well, enough o' dat...
My mom said we're gonna have spaghetti for dinner tonight (yummy!)(ya know?) I don't really know what to put on here tonight, so I'm just ramblin'.
We found out in band that we're gonna play (on one song)(or...two) only the beginning and jump to the next song (wich she gave us just today)(but it's extremely easy) and play the whole thing o' dat one. We can't play the whole of the first one cuz our flute player sucks (and the clarinet player, too)(trumpets have to play their parts). Speekin' o' band, we have a concert the 15th if ya'll wanna come and hear us suck. (but hear us none the less) I wouldn't waste your money though.
oooooohhhh. I just tot o' dis. I'm gonna copy ya'll w/dis, but...

When I think of all I’ve seen
Nothing compares to what you give
And to drink of what you bring you quench
The thirst for me to live
I am satisfied by what tenderness you’ve shown to me
and I empty all that I am
And you fill my life you’re everything to me
There’s nothing else I need anymore
And I know you are everything to me and
There’s nothing else I need anymore
I have tasted and I know this fire birthed
Inside will only grow and I’ve sought all that
This world tried to offer me and it lead me
To your feet and I empty all that I am
And you fill my life you’re everything to me
There’s nothing else I need anymore
And I know you are everything to me and
There’s nothing else I need anymore
I will lay down all my needs and you will
Come and make them new
To make you my only desire my desire
And you fill my life you’re everything to me
And you fill my life you’re everything to me
There’s nothing else I need anymore
And I know you are everything to me and
There’s nothing else I need anymore
There’s nothing else I need...

This is by Jeremy Camp, called Nothing Else I Need, on Restored (awesome song). I think we should learn this and play it for y.g some time.
Weel, naow, lads and lassies, I'm off to do sumpin' aelse, alrigh?
Bye now.

Wutz hapennin' w/ ya'llzez, eh?
I can finally update, now that i'm not grounded, so...
I don't have much time, I'll just type this really fast.

The evangelist, Andrew, stared into to the gun, wondering why the man didn't fire. The assassin grew frustrated, then frightened, and finally he fled from the room.
The phone rang, and Andrew found himself talking to the man who had come to kill him minutes earlier.
"The Muslim leaders offered me a big rewardto kill you," the would-be-assassin explained. "I rode across Bangladesh to come to your office. The reward was mine. I was ready to shoot, but I couldn't move my arm. I couldn't pull the trigger." The evangelist praised the Lord for protection.
Andrew found in somewhat comical. "So what can I do four you now?" he asked.
Sir, I still can't move my arm, and it's because of you! Can you help me?"
Right on the phone, Andrew prayed, and instantly the man regained the full use of his arm. Astounded by the miracle, he returned to the evangelist's office and began to ask questions about this "Jesus" of whom the Muslim leaders seemed to be afraid.
The evangelist pariently explained the good news of Jesus' love, even offering tea to the man who'd come to kill him. After forty-five minutes, the man prayed to receive Jusus into his own heart. The former hit man's ministry now is to destroy the works of the devil. To this day, he is a fellow missionary i Bangladesh.

The assassin's would-be murder attempt was a comedy in errors. If it were a movie, the audience would have cheered aloud when the protagonist, Andrew came onto the scene. Like any good movie hero, Andrew did not just defeat his enemy's plans. He confounded them, even to the point of habing tea with the hit-man-turned-convert. This was not going according to plan. The devil constantly has to go back to the drawing board to rethink his plans for our destruction. Andrew was not a victim of his circumstances, and neither are you. If he had been shot, his death also would have been a witness, and so will you. Unlike the devil's schemes, God's plans for your life cannot be thwarted.

I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted.
Job 42:2

Bye guyz

Friday, December 09, 2005

yo, guyz, not much for today. I'm grounded from the computer at home, so I'm at school doing this.

Pastor Florescu couldn't bear to watch his son being beaten by the Communist officer. He had already been beaten himself, and he had not slept for two weeks for fear of being attacked by the starving rats the Communists had forced into his prison cell. The Romanian police wanted Florescu to give up other members of his underground church so that they, too, could be captured.
Seeing that the beatings and torture weren't working, the Communists brought in Florescu's son Alexander, only fourteen years olk, and began to beat the boy. While Florescu watched, they hammered his son's body unmercifully, telling the pastor hthat they would beat his son to death unless he told them the locations of other believers.
Finally, half mad, Florescu screamed for them to stop.
"Alexander, I must say what they want!"he called out to his son. "I can't bear your beatings anymore."
His body bruised blood running form his nose and mouth, Alexander looked his father in the eye. "Father, dont do me the injustice of having a traitor as a parent. Stand strong! If they kill me, I will die with the word 'Jesus' on my lips."
The boy's courage enraged the Communist guards, and they beat him to death and his father watched. Not only did he hold onto his faith, he helped his father do the same.

Is there no justice in this world? When we read of th horrible atrocities committed against the innocent, we cant help but wonder. We may falter in our faith when we hear about cruel suffering at the hands of evildoers. We may become discouraged when we long for the salve of mercy that seems to tarry. Is there no justice in this world? In answer to our cry, the Bible teaches the principle of "yes and not yet." Yes, some evildoers meet with swift justice here and now. However, God's mighty hand of infinite justice has yet to fall on this earth. That is saved for the end of time. We grow weary waiting, but he is undeterred.

He will not falter or be discouraged till he establishes justice on earth.
Isaiah 42:4

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

ok, so I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
Luke and his tech. skillz definately are not "skillz dat killz". (no offense Luke)
I wasted half an hour just commenting, waiting for Luke to get his thing goin', and I'm not sure yet if it's funny or annoying. I think it's kinda both. It might just be me.
Well, while I'm waiting, I guess I can update a little (or a lot)(wut ever)
I wanna give ya'll another little story from the book o' martyrs i'm readin'.

After they all had been tried, found guilty, and sentenced to die, twenty-six Christians were marched to the place where crudely made crosses stood. Almost three months earlier, they had been arrested in Kyoto, Japan, and charged with following Christ. One of the convicts was named Ibaragi Kun.
Seeing how young Kun was, and official took himaside and urged him to recant his faith to save his life. Looking the official in the eye, Kun said confidently,"Sir, it would be far better if you yourself became a Christian. Then you could go to heaven with me."
The officer stared, startled by the young man's faith. Finally, Ibaragi asked,"Sir, which cross is mine?"
The bewildered official pointed to the smallest of the twenty-six crosses. Young Kun ran to the cross, knelt before it, and embraced it. When the soldiers began to nail his hands and feet to the cross, he did not cry out in pain. He courageously accepted the path God had laid out for him.
The crucifixion of the twenty-six Christians on November 23, 1596, was the beginning of a period of intense persecution of Christians in Japan. Over the next seventy years, as many as one million Japanese Christians would be killed for their faith. Many would embrace their own crosses to follow the example of Ibaragi Kun, a very mature twelve-year-old boy.

Spiritual maturity is not measured by a birth certificate. Chronological age has little to do with conviction. Rather, spiritual maturity is measured one day at a time. We measure our maturity by how well we daily apply our faith. Contrary to popular belief, spiritual mturity is not how much we know about the Bible. Many people are very familiar with the Bible, yet they remain strangers to spiritual maturity. Obedience to the Bible's commands is the mark of maturity. One question will help us know how well we are growing spiritually. We must ask ourselves each day, "How much more do we look like Jesus today that we did yesterday?" Our answer is a true reflection of our growth.

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12

p.s. I hope these things help you as much as they help me.
see ya'll sunday, some before.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wutz up dizzogs?

Today went pretty fast (until I got home). Now I'm looking for stuff to do. I'll probably end up going outside in the bitter cold and running around. (my version of working out)(sounds fun, dudn it?) but as for now, I guess I can settle for updating and telling you about my day.
By the way, the car in the picture is an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. (my favorite car)
This morning, I was late for school cuz mom called me and said that the truck (her vehicle today) wouldn't start. I had to go home and jump it for her. Wut sucks is that my first hour class is band (and that's as easy as pie--lemme tell ya). I wish it was chemistry that I was missing. (hate that class) Oh, yeah. I was thinkin' of bein' on the track team this year cuz the chemistry teacherz the's said that she favors track people when it comes to grading papers. *yawn*
Well, as the Aliey's know, I procrastinated in giving the band director a note getting Jon, JC, and me out of the game the 16th and letting us go to the worship night. I finally handed it in...she didn't look upset or anything. (much surprise)
Before I leave off (in a while), I want ya'll to read some stuff I got out of Extreme Devotion (a book about martyrs).

It was getting late, and the Soviet officer had beaten and tortured Paulus for many hours. "We are not going to torture you anymore," he said, smiling brutally when the Christian lookes up. "We will send you instead to Siberia, where the snow never melts. It is a place of great suffering. You and your family will fit in well."
Paulus, instead of being depressed, smiled. "The whole earth belongs to my Father, Captain. Wherever you send me I will be on my Father's earth."
The captain looked at him sharply. "We will take away all you own."
"You will need a high ladder, Captain, for my treasures are stored up in heaven." Paulus wore a beautiful smile.
"We will put a bullet between your eyes", shouted the captain, now angry.
"If you take away my life in this world, my real life of joy and beauty will begin," answered Paulus. "I am not afraid of being killed."
The captain grabbed Paulus by his tattered prison shirt and screamed into his face, "We will not kill you! We will keep you locked alone in a cell and allow no one to come see you!"
"You cannot do that, Captain," said Paulus, still smiling. "I have a friend who can pass through locked doors and iron bars. No one can separate me from the love of Christ."

Despite an uncertain future, we can be sure of one thing: Christ will face it with us. Whether we are going through a private trial or a public grieving, we are never going alone. In contrast, every human companion will fail us at some point. There will be places in life's journey where they cannot walk with us - the water will be too dee and their understanding would be murky at best. Only Jesus has the ability to pass through the "iron bars" on our suffering hearts and share these difficult times. Although, in his wisdom, he may not choose to deliver us from our circumstances, his sure presence will see us through them. Smile, knowing you have a Friend from whom ou can never be separated.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?
Romans 8:35

Yo, nuthin' to do, the bellz about to ring. So I just thought I'd say Hi.


Monday, December 05, 2005

Yo, dudes. Wut iz da ups w/ ya'll?!
I just finished eatin' lunch in our "cute" cafeteria, in our "cute little school".
So, I had to do my homework in advisory today. Mom said she'd be p.o'd and ground me from everything (including y.g) if I didn't get it done before class...sssssooooo.
I'm glad I can finally update. I've been grounded from the computer all weekend. (I'm at school doing this, so - computer-at-home-groundation)
the dayz goin by quick-like, so I should be home any time now.(the school dayz about halfway thru)
The weekend was tizzite. Friday the Alieyz came to da b-ball game w/us and then came to our house and watched L.O.T.R 3. (I know Ali posted about this...da heck w/it) JC wasn't really with us towardz da end o' da movie. he was almost asleep, saying stupid, random stuff that would just come out o' da blue. Pretty Funny.
Saturday, we played f.b and froze our rastefarian neenies off. It was still fun. After that, David, Jon, the Aliey's and me went to Zona Rosa. (we were talkin' about that in Spanish class, and it means "pink area")(it's not just for girls though) Everything was really expensive. We pretty much just hung out in foreign territory.
Sunday was the usual, except w.p was extremely short. Weird, I know.
I already said about today...
The bellz about to ring, so, bye bye ya'll.
pizzeace izzout jizzees!

Friday, December 02, 2005

ok, i've got some good news and some bad news.
the good news is that Jon, JC, and I can go to Haydenz party. The bad news is that we can't go to the worship session and we might (probably will) be late for Haydenz thing.
We have another basketball game on the 16th. It sucks so bad.
I've been having a rough day today.
band was pretty cool until I found out that we're gonna be late for Haydenz b-day party (and the rest). History was boring: we just watched a movie. (I was reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) Spanish was ok, but still kinda dull. Chemistry sucked worst of all. I'm so horrible at it. Somehow I manage to get a decent grade, though.
Well, the bellz about to ring...I hope to see ya'll at the game tonight.

Peace izzout G's!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Yo ya'll G's and H's,
not much with the goings on 4 me dudes. Jon, me, and JC have a basketball game to play in tomorrow. (that's pepband play, not basketball play) But if you guyz want to come and hang out with us, it'd be neat. (you might have to pay a small entry fee though)(If you want to come, we'll be there at about 7:00p.m) That's my HONK. Ok, Ali? I can't think of anything to do before and/or after football on saturday...any ideas? Jon, Cody, and I have to work sunday between church and worship practice, so sundayz out o' da question. but leave some ideas please.
My dayz at school seem to be speeding up a bit. The only slow time today was when I finished eating lunch. David and I just sit there looking at the clock and waiting for the bell to ring. Usually I go into the library and update or leave comments or something, but today and yesterday, the p.e classes have been doing finals reports in, not much for me to do.