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Timz Space: November 2005

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In addithin to my earlier potht...
Thchool only hath about 20-25 minitth left.
When thkoolz over, we're gonna go home and thoot da gunth w/ dad and thteve. Then we get to leave earlier than uthual for y.g cuth i goth ta go to da bank and work and do thum thtuff.
Momth gonna order my iPod today. itth inthurinth for the coming of Chrithmith.
y.g ith gonna be tho flippin othum.
jutht in cathe you havent notitht, i'm typing w/ a lithp.
Peath out ya'll.

Wutz up Dawgz?
I have 4 minutes to update, so i'm typing kinda fast (4 me).
Todayz goin' pretty fast. I read my comments and some blogs. Ali told me to stay busy to keep time moving forward, and so far it's workin'.
I can't wait 'til y.g. tonight. I'm so exciterated.
See ya'll lata.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

yo wutz up homiez?!
It seems that I'm waiting in vain for y.g to come. Time is passing so flippin' slowly.
I don' have that much homework tonight: just math. School is getting so boring lately. I'm getting so impatient.
Yough Group and church aren't coming fast enough. I guess hanging out with you guyz so much over the break got me into expecting to see ya'll every day. too bad I don't.
Well, I guess I do see about half the y.g: Cody, David, Erica, and The rest of the Griffith Clan. It seems like forever since I'v seen Luke even though I just saw him 3 dayz ago.
I guess I just miss the Thanksgiving break.
But there's y.g tomorrow, so I'II just have to find ways to make the day go by fast.
On to happier matters...
Mom said that I could stay home on my birthday if I have good grades! And I'll have good grades. So happy!
Well, don't got much to write today, so I think I'll just stop typing (See ya'll Wed.) now.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Well, howdy doo, ya'll?!
Hahahahahaha! Just now, a bug popped out o' nowhere right in front o' JC. he's like "AH!" (high-pitched like a little girl)(without the high-pitched, little girl part) "Mom, a bug just popped up out o' nowhere right in front o' me, will you come pick it up?" "It's a small bug right?" says mom. "yeah." "pick it up yourself." It was hilarious. JC got a paper towel and folded it, then chickened out o' pickin' it up. I grabbed the towel from him, picked up the bug, and threw it in the toilet. It took it a cople a flushes to go down, but it did go down. AND IT WILL STAY DOWN!! another movie quote.
Well, school went by pretty quickly for me. My dad called two times, then a third time right when school ended. He said that he was on the way home from hunting w/steve (the guest speaker at church). He told me that he was driving on the highway and felt a tire loosen. he pulled over and stopped...the wheel didn't. it was his back...left, i think. but the truck tipped and landed on the nubby thing of where the wheel gets hooked up to. He's ok though.
Ali put a pretty neat song on the bottom of her blog...I think we should do it for y.g. It's flippin' awesome! Go to her thingy to read part o' da song.
My mom keeps harassing me, and after that lovely post of mine yesterday, I think I should let her get on the computer now, so...
See ya'll Wednesday! Can't wait!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

yo, its tim.
I got home from w.p and went right to the computer. i read everybodyz blogs and commented (on those that were updated, andyway).
so this morning i read a lot out of the book of job. i think i'm on chapter 8 or 9, not sure. Yeah Luke, it's more than five chapters. Can you believe it?!
Well, it talks bout how great his life is, that he's just about the richest person in the land, has really big birthday parties for his children, tells how many animals, servants, etc that he has. and he's blameless in God's eyes.
In one of the gospels, it says something about it being easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle than get a rich person into heaven. i think that thats pretty cool for job.
but not only was he rich and in God's favor, he didn't do anything bad towards God when he lost his whole family (except his wife)(then she turned around and cursed God), his entire property, servants, the works. he even got boils all over his body after satan couldn't get him to curse God by taking all his stuff away. weird sentence, but if you've read the book or heard the story, then you should know what i'm talkin' aboot (Canadian for about).
Great story. What makes it even greater, is that it actually happened.
i mean, if you lost all your stuff, all your family, everything you ever thought as valuable, got boils all over your body, would you still have the strength to call on God? Would you curse his name? I hope i wouldn't...but it's hard to tell (seeing it hasn't happened)(and i hope that that big of a test doesn't come my way).
That's why we have to pray, pray, pray! Get to know God. Get to know that he loves you and that everything works for good and the glory of God.
Read the ible as often as you can. if you have questions, don't come to me.
go to your parents, Luke, my dad, you know...
That kinda brings us back to Thanksgiving again.
I'm really thankful for my dad. I've always got someone i can count on to be there, to answer my questions about anything.
And Luke...well, he's a great person to be around, not one to drag me down (though he still finds ways to humble us all), I can trust him like I can trust my brothers. In fact, he's like my fourth brother (coming over all the time, raiding our fridge).
Those are the guys that i would go to if i had any questions about...anything.
But, my brothers (David and Cody included)(and Luke)...I don't even know what to say besides I don't know what I'd do without 'em.
The youth group. My second family. I don't know what I'd do without you guyz either. Kim, Kathlene, Phil (Shawn), Justin, Keira, Cody, Luke, Bob, Hayden, Ali, Aley (had to put the two Ali's(Aley's?)together cuz o' da namez), Sammy, Jube, Brandon.
I'm pretty sure i didn't leave anyone out. You guyz and girlz are so cool. You're the people I look forward to seeing. I love the time we spend together, the stuff we do together, some of it perty durn stoopid. But fun all the same.
and last, but if you called her mom. I haven't got a clue as to what i'd do without the one who brought me into this world. I think it's easier to put this on the computer than in words, but...
I've noticed that i take my mom for granted, asking for money all the time, her cooking fantabulous meals everynight o' da week for dinner...the list continues.
I love you all.

post script: I don't know why I didn't put all this into a "Thanksgiving Blog" (probably cuz o' da food coma)(and procrastination), but I mean it all the same.


Friday, November 25, 2005

How is your being, yo?
Thanksgiving was yesterday (probably why no one updated)(except ali)(obsession).
P-A-R-T. Y? Cuz I gotta! Tonight at my house at 5 o'clock. Not really a party, just a get together, hang out thingy.
Mom says that if you guyz want food, you'll have to help. Bring a bottle o' soda or a bag o' chips or sumthin'. I should have organized this better, but hey. I'll probably go to little caesar's and get two or three pizzas.
Speakin' o' food, My Thanksgiving was flippin awesome. both sets of grandparents came, my uncle, and Luke were all there. We had turkey, ham, green bean casserole (yuk)(luke ate a lot), potatoes, cramberry jello-like stuff, stuffing, all that good stuff.
Everybody came around 11:30 and left around 3:00. Except for Luke: he practically lived with us for, like, three days.
Mom just asked me to post this: Ali, Hayden, please see if your little brother John (Jon?) can come so Ryan has someone to play with. It's ok if he can't, but... Mom also said that we're going to put up the Christmas tree this weekend. But that has nothing to do with bringing John.
Well, earlier today, Ryan and I tried to go to the Community center to play basketball, but Jon's car wouldn't start. It was kinda cold too, but it's starting to warm up. should be good weather for four-wheeler tag. (i forgot to mention that the real point of the game is to see how many people you can run over and the last one standing, gets to ride next)(That's just a joke! I didn't mean that! I'ts a safe, fun, NICE game to play)
I guess I'll catch ya'll gaduz laduz. I'm out to play catch w/ Ryan since we could go to the comm. cen.

Byyyyeee Yyyaaaall!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

oh yeah. all those languages in my next-to-last post...
therez a translator on this computer...
I don't really know all those languages...sorry Ali.
but alimente means "food". in like four (i don't really know) languages.

yo, wutz up my peeps?!
I just got done w/ reading and commenting on everyonez blogz. therez some stuff ya'll should check out on some o' dem.
i know that jc put that luke and bob (brenton) are at our house, but...hey. wut can i say. we had a blast today. school went by really fast for me these past two dayz. REALLY fast. strange, huh? i think the weeks gonna go by slow though. (unless we keep having frinds come over) (like we should)i read lukes blog yesterday or sometime and i saw a :) (smilie face?) i said in a comment on his blog that would... :( ... be a frownie face? now i've got something new.
overhanging-forehead-man with frownie face. either that or a unibrow...something like that.
well, tonight (or, last night, i should say) we played four-wheeler tag and had a blast! flippin fun deude!
it's 12:15 a.m (15 minutes after midnight) and i feel like i just drank a cup o' java. well, almost. my eyes are starting to hurt from looking at tv screens and computer screens and wutnot. Usually i can't even stay up till 11.
can't wait till tonight at youth group. i'm so excited!
well, the coffee feeling is going away and i'm starting to get tired. so i'll leave off w/ this short post for today (or yesterday).

I'm goooooo...*(snore)* exhale *(snore)* exhale...
...startled wake-up..

good night (morning) guyz

Monday, November 21, 2005

How art thou, G?
I like food.
Me gusta alimente. That's Spanish
Hey, Ali, your namez in Alimente.
Eu gosto del alimento. Portugese
gradisco de alimento. Italian
J'aime la nourriture. French
Ik houd van voedsel. Dutch
Wanna know how I know all these languages?
good luck
Now, to be down to earth...maybe.
Today went really fast for me. I remember waking up this morning like it just happend yesterday. Good memory? doubt it. Good similes? yeah right. I'm in a really good mood today, for some reason. Maybe that's why todayz goin' so fast.
Oh, yeah. If ya'll haven't read Lukey boyz blog yet, do it right after reading this one. It's got a really ironic, but funny thing that happened. and it just happened to futher the Kingdom. cool eh? (this is not an advertisement for ehort blogs)(cuz minez the best one anyway, right guyz?...Right?...Ri...ah, forget it)
Well, i'm listening to Seventh Day Slumber's (great band) "once upon a shattered life" cd.(great cd) it's flippin' awesome.
Well, i read the comments on my blog and Ali said that I'm shunned for not liking green bean caserole. she says i'm shunned, yet she's commenting on my blog. huh. curious. very curious. Well I truly dislike grean beans along with my whole family, except dad, luke and cody. but luke and cody aren't really in my family so it doesn't count for them to like 'em. I think they're gross. Narsty tangs, dem. Right Aley?
so now i'm officially shunned by the junior girl named ali roberts.
oh well.
I got nothin' to do tonight, so my day sssshhooooould ssstaaart tooooo slooooowww dooowwwnnn sssssoooommmme.
I'm actually starting to get kinda tired.
I like food. just not green beans.
well jc'z starting to get impatient, cuz i've been on the computer a while now. mostly because i messed up and had to start retyping when i got halfway thru my update. Yeah, it sucked.
See yuz latuz gatuz.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Yo, guyz, wutz happenin'?
I didn't get to post yesterday for some reason my limited brain capacity won't let me remember. But today was a blast. and yesterday.
Oh! now I remember. We had Justin, Cody, and Hayden stay the night and I was busy trying to play host (not-just my excuse).
anyway, we played four-wheeler flashlight tag, where everybody runs around like a chicken w/ it's head cut off hoping he/she doesn't get seen by the person driving the four-wheeler. it was a blast. Everybody ran around the chicken shed and through the barn (until mu mom asked us to stop going thru her horses' home). I hide in one place (where nobody'z likely to find me, but where I'm still in the game) and see how close the guy on the four-wheeler comez to me. JC came within like 3 or 4 feet of me without seeing me. It was pretty cool. Then I gave that up cuz it got boring fast.
So i decided to run a round around (a round around-get it?) the the chicken coop with the other idiots...I mean...other people. Hope i don't offend.
too much.
we stopped playing for some reason that's not coming to me right now. then we wanted to go back out, but mom said we couldn't, so we stayed in, played video games, like HALO!
LIKE halo, not halo.
not. we played halo. we couldn't find a connector cable, though. so we had to play two differend games on two different t.v's.
and my dad recorded a movie when we wanted to play ahol (that's halo), so we had to wait to play. then about twenty minutes later, mom came down and told us to go to bed. NAOOOWWW!!
We got three people to sleep on my bed that night. Hayden, Justin, and me. Yeah, worst night of my life.
not cuz o' da people, cuz o' da kitty cat. I can sleep (sometimes) in small 2 by 6 areas, but the cat jumped on the bed at 3:30 in the morning, waking Hayden and me.
After pouncing on my nose and mouth a couple o' times, the kitty roved over to Hayden (THANK GOD THE CAT GOT OFF ME!) She came back what seems like a million times. Hayden and I were up tons, and it wasn't cool.
Now for today.
We woke up (Justin, Hayden, and me) for the last time that night, and went downstairs to find my mom making bacon, eggs, pancakes, and cinnomon rolls. (one of the best breakfasts i've ever had)
after everybody was done w/ breakfast, we watch Justin play this really dumb (in my opinion, and Haydenz) game on the computer. It's called Dragon...somethin'. I can't remember again. oh well. we played more video games, waiting for mom to call us out to cut firewood (she did all the cutting, we moved all the logs to the back of Codyz truck). I don't nkow about anybody else, but it was the most boring morning (apart from the breakfast part) that i've ever lived. I was so excited about the football game we were goin to play. yeah, you all know how that works: anticipation slowz time, fun quickenz it.
well, while we were out cutting (or transporting) firewood, me and cody got a little distacted and started play-sword fighting with sticks. that sped time up.
till mom called us back to help.
we finished soon enough, and everyone was bugging verone else to get in the car to leave for the football game, and we were all still just staring at the t.v. Luke, I'm sorry, but this is why we were late to the field.
But we started to play, then Luke said this little (and i mean really little) kid was going to play tackle football with us. the kid was in third grade!
Well, I'm done. Bye!
just joking.
But later in the game, another person guy came, wanting to play. needless to say, we let him play (that rhymes: say-play!). and still later, this really muscular guy came and played too. he was really scary. we called him "the monster". Chris said that he's on steroids...they played basketball together two months ago and the guy was scrawny as could be. he was still scary though.
I got to play qb most of the game, trading once in a while with JC, Chris, or Eric. The game was really fun.
sometime during the game though, i heard yells and screams coming from the hill. i had no idea who it was until Hayden yelled,"SHUT UP ALI!" I started laughing so flippin' hard (on the inside. just a little chuckle on the outside). yeah, that was funny.
I'm thinkin' we're goin' to play this saturday at 1 agian. If you're the only one to get this, tell it to everyone. WE WANT TO PLAY FOOTBALL ON SATURDAY, THE 26th!! eyes hurt from looking at the computer screen, my fingers are typing really slow cuz they're cramping up, my brain hurts having to type all this stuff for ya'llz benefits. Fa Rizzle. I think I'll stop typing now ((((or...after my closure(s)))).
so, see yuz all tumaroo @ chizurch. and worship practice at 6. G!

I'm goooooooooone!
Bye Bye!
ps forgive the typos, lease (that's please).

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hey, guyz it's Tim. yesterday, I had to take a history test. today i found out that i got a B on it. an 85. That's fairly decent for me.
and i just burned my thumb getting popcorn out of the microwave. it flippin hurts. bad
can you bring me my chapstick? But my lips hurt real bad! Im not gona use herz: that's gross!
Gosh. Freakin idiot!
But really. my thumb does hurt.
Ok, so i'm on the computer, listening to demon hunter, eating popcorn, and updating. is that multitasking or what?
I'm not really writing about anything important because nothing big happened in my day today.
There was a pretty fun basketball game in p.e, though. i'm not sure who won, but i made some pretty cool-lookin lay-ups and even a hookshot or two. I really suck at hookshots, so it was pure luck when it went in.
If you've gotten this far into my blog, you can probably stop reading; i'm just going to keep rambling about my day, boring as it was.
in first hour (band) we didn't do anything cuz the teacher was gone with the choir on a field trip to k-state. I just sat in MY chair (it's the only padded one, thus the emphasis on "my") and read my book. pretty good book too. I'm almost done w/ it. in second hour, i found out about my test score, and read some more cuz people who were gone (and that's about half the class) the day we took the test had to take it. third hour was the busiest Spanish class i've ever had to endure. I love that class though. Mrs Swabb is sooo funny. In advisory, i did my math homework, and then read. Boring day so far. yeah i know.
fourth hour... thinking... was chemistry. Really easy stuff today. don't remember what it was, just remember that it was easy. fifith hour was p.e and the basketball game that i previously mentioned. sixth hour was algebra 2. again, really easy. Last hour English was easy too. We just had to go to the library and type some stuff our teacher gave us. It counted for extra credit too.
My boring day at school.
I got home, made popcorn (burned it, and my thumb), got on the computer and started blogging.
Now, i'm listening to Kutlass (flippin awesome band) and eating the rest of my new, unburned popcorn.
and now i have to go. Today was extremely boring for me.
when you comment on this (if you comment on this) please tell me about your hopefully more exciting day.

I'm goooooooooone!
Bye Bye!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's 10:00, I'm really tired, don't know why I'm posting; I won't do much.
Man, it's been a long day for me. I had to serve a detention that I got because of tardies (get 3 tardies then a detention). I was late to class 3 times. I just worked on my math homework, though. It was really e.z.
I liked y.g. today, but I noticed that we don't show enough respect towards Bob or Jube. I think we need to work on that. That's the only bad thing. I wish Justin didn't have to leave right after we finished; I wanted to wrestle with him again. Hayden chickened out, so I was left with nobody to wrestle. *Dang it!* Oh well.
It's 10:09 and I'm off to bed. Nighty night, and don't let the bed bugs bite.
See ya'll sat. at the football thing.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ok, so, not much to post today. My mindz been blank for the most part, as usual. We (Jon, David, me, JC, and Ryan) got out of school at noon today to get flu shots. Yeah, I'm the only one that felt the needle go in. They all called me a wus and laughed.
THEN I KILLED 'EM ALL!! Just joking.
I laughed with them. I told them I felt it go in and expected to get laughed and call me at least a wus or a sissy or something like that. I wasn't offended (too badly). I just wept silently in a corner when we got home! Not!
Man, I had you guyz (and girlz) goin' for a sec! Hah!
But I do have a ginormous hole in my left shoulder. I think the painz gonna kill me.
Oh, yeah. On the topic of needles (or getting stabbed anyway) this girl bent over in her desk to pick up a mechanical pencil and the led went right into her middle finger! It was pretty funny, but it had to hurt like the Dickens.When she pulled it out, her skin stuck to it like it was grabbed with tweezers, not stabbed. That part was nasty. It started to bleed a little while later. I kinda felt bad for her. Then she started flippin' people off with her stabbed finger (middle on her left hand). Then I turned away and thought to myself,"I'm not to judge other people". I still thought of her as a sinner, though. Like: man she needs Jesus, or something in that area.
Well, I don't have much more to write, other than I miss you all over the weeks and I'm so happy when Wednesdays and Sundays come around.
Now that I'm done with my sentimentals, I can say bye.
So here it goes.
And here I go.


Monday, November 14, 2005

Gosh, guyz, hurry up and post, it's drivin' me crazy! I'm tryin' to find out what you guyz and galz are up to, but there's only stuff from yesterday or the day before. Not even gonna mention Haydenz blog.
Now that that's out o' the way, today went pretty well for me. Found out I'm passin' chemistry with a low C. That's really good for me, since I don't really understand it. I'm passin' all my other classes with pretty good grades (higher than my chemistry, anyway).
Oh. In English, we had to write a poem that was due today. 15 lines, 3 stanzas, and it had to be romantic. Yeah, yeah. the girls are thinkin' that I can't write a romantic poem and the guyz are callin' me gay when they read this. But it's not that kind of romantic. "Romantic" in our English class means nature-wise, loving nature, let time flow the way it's supposed to (not getting in a hurry), you know-hippie stuff. How bad cities are, how great the wilderness is, that kind o' thing.
I don't want to brag or anything, but I thought my poem was pretty good. It was just about the creation of earth: Genesis style. I think the class was pretty amazed that I'd base my poem off the Bible, but it made me feel good. Felt like I was showing people who I really am. Even though it was just Genesis. It was like subtly telling them what I believe in. They're all Catholic (kinda like wanna-be Christians, except not). They say they're Christians, but they do all sorts of stuff that would make God so flippin sad (or MAKES God so flippin sad).
I think that's where we're supposed to come in. We tell them that they're doin' some bad stuff, need Jesus, blah, blah. You've heard it a million and one times.
And that's where Luke comes in. Bein' the youth pastor, he tells us how to show the way to Jesus (and other stuff mainly, but you get the idea). He teaches us, my dad teaches us at church, your parents teach you (if your parents are Christians) how to act, what to believe (not necessarily what to believe), and it helps us in our maturity levels (but only with the help of the Bible and prayer). And this is what people see in school.
Big change in subject. From: UPDATE YOUR FLIPPIN BLOGS!, to me tryin' to be deep-like, sayin' how we're supposed to help Christianize our schoolz.
I'll stop preachin'. I'm really bad at it, I know. Don't make fun o' me cuz of it. Even though ya prabably will.
It's not nice to hurt Timz feelings by making fun of him. You might make him go cry in...
Man! People these days tellin' lies left and right. Decievin' ain't from God.
It's pretty fun to do sometimes though.
sorry about that,

I'm gooooooooooone,
bye bye.

oh yeah, tomorrowz my momz b-day. She's turning A OUCH! GET OFF ME WOMAN!
I'm turning 32, thank you very much.
Back to decievin' again. WOMEN!

Now I'm gone,
See ya Wed.

The post above is officially my longest entry yet.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ok, so we went to Nebraska over the weekend and stayed in a really cool hotel. I slept on the floor because I remembered sharing tiny beds from the weekend before at Oasis. The hotel had a pool, a hot tub, gym, and a sauna (I have no idea if I spelled that right). It's just a big steam room that was flippin' awesome.
When we got there, we took a walk around the grounds and then went to the gym (pretty small gym, too). We ran on the treadmills (they only went up to 10 miles an hour, which was only like a six-and-a-half minute mile), tried to lift weights, and then we went to the pool. It was cool (that rhymes!). Then me and dad (FATHER Dave-literally) got into the hot tub. It was really hot. Well, at least compared to the pool (duh). My skin started to melt (you know-the water) so we went into the sauna (I still think I'm spelling that wrong) and my skin fell all the way off! Not. They made me go fetch water to put on the hot-rocks though. (meanies) Then we went to sleep. I almost wish that I slept on a bed because of the hard ground. Almost.
We went to a really good breakfast and had really good food. Then we went to do whatever we wanted for an hour. We left to go to the zoo, had to stop to pick up JC from a sweet skate park about a minute away, and had the next-to-the-most boring two-hour drive in my life. The zoo was worth it, though. I've got some pretty cool pics of some animals. I don't have them with me though, cuz I'm at church, they're at home on the computer, you get the idea. They're not with me at the time. I'll post them later, like, when I get home.
I don't have anything more to write.

Peace out, Yo.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I can finally find some time to update now that it's a weekend. Yes!
Well, anyway, I read most of your blogs and they were... nevermind. Just kidding; they were great. My day at school today was pretty good. I didn't really do much, but I was just in a good mood or something like that. Ever since last night, when Luke prayed for me, I've been feeling great.
The first day after Oasis, I felt that I was being attacked by the Devil, but last night at y.g Luke prayed for me and all my bad feelings went away just like well, anyway, I can't make anything really cool happen on the computer when you read this. *Dang it!* But it went away right when he started praying for me. It was really cool.
Back to the blog. This morning was pretty uneventful (except that I wasn't the last one ready for school today! *Yes!* don't laugh: I'm usually the last one in the car. *Fo Rizzle*) I was in such a hurry not to be last that I didn't find time to read my bible...until I got in the car. I read John ch.6 and James ch.2.
James 2 has some stuff that applies to (well, sums up) our lesson @ y.g last night. The very first verse says not to discriminate (which is the calling people wierd, and "I don't like you" stuff, but treating everyone else just dandy-like). It elaborates, saying,"...suppose somone comes into your meeting ressed in fancy clothes and expensive jewelry, and another comes in who is poor and dressed in shabby clothes. If you give special attention and a good seat to the reich person, but you say to the poor on, "You can stand over there, or else set on the floor"-well, doesn't this discrimination show that you are guided by wrong motives?
Listen to me, dear brothers and sisters. Hasn't God chosen the ppor in this world to be rich in faith?
I'll let you get er-not er, I slapped a fly on my hand-out of it what you will.
I gotta go: momz buggin' me to get off, that she wants the computer. See ya sunday.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hey guys, it's me, Tim. I'm so glad that we're back from the youth conference, yet I wish we were still there to further our walk with God. I'm at home thinkin' how great my own bed feels over the hotel beds, but instead of sleeping here I could be talking to (or about) my friends, God, whateverz on the t.v, or ust whateverz on our mindz.
It's so great having friends that you don't have to worry about what's gonna slip out o' their mouths. At school, it's "F-this" and "F-that"; I hate it! When you've got good Christian friends, like our y.g, that don't cuss or talk about anything dirty, well, I don't really know what to say besides I have something to look forward to during my week: church and youth group.
This reminds me of what my mom told me when I told her I don't like to hang around the people at school:"You should look forward to going to school just so you can witness to people." You know, I can't help but say that she's right. Jesus didn't hang out with the people who didn't need him; he hung out with the people on the bottom of the food-chain.
I don't really know where I'm going with this, but I find that I do so many things the wrong way, and without my parents, I'd be doin' them a whole lot worse. I'm really rambling now. I think I'll quit before I reveal my deepest, darkest secrets to everyone.
Catch ya later!